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Day One

频率为20次以上consumer social product likely

频率为10次以上system activity reward stress expert concern university individual view opportunity hunt challenge process project amount ability rate radiation feature environment create crash advertise tend status reader per local highway brand assume physical instant focus fashion expand effective declare benefit adult

Day Two

频率为9次的单词affect compete global policy account foundation involve lightening technology leak competition behavior community

频率为8次的单词range maintain action obvious primarily appeal detail decade pollution advantage culture autobiography leader accordingly plastic approve performance recognize factor enormous avoid shift source fulfill moral rank replace complex

Day Three

频率为7次的单词injury outcome insurance impression household claim personality personnel employee reserve approach capacity generally automobile male regardless contact wealthy estimate incident device error relationship recently scale union climate available criticism diet civilian ground liberal establish indicate accomplish finally spot

Day Four

频率为6次的单词(一)potential professional ideal reflect considerable influence trace attitude chemical network positive territory engage witness welfare career attach profit musician purchase competitive particularly assign response pace complaint identify arise victim sample modify property structure target belief

Day Five

频率为6次的单词(二)Minority resistant theory signal bloom cheat Instance transfer bacterial threaten v.威胁,预示(危险)要来临 abroad Audience scan v.审视,浏览 v/n 扫描 corporation threat n.威胁,征兆 Gas promote style grant apply extend Install impact function industrial user propose v.提议,建议,提名,打算,求婚 alter agency contribute educate absent poison airline possibility flash v,闪过,闪烁,飞驰 n.闪过

Day Six

频率为5次的单词(一) nuclear nucleus raw extensive military directly deny absorb committee complain aid protein statement institution route associate growth convince liberate cell publish youngster failure faint rob resident fund appearance portable efficient preference solution confidence treatment adopt skilled cultivate

Day Seven

频率为5次的单词(二)respond vary exit survey lest vehicle constant speaker atmosphere latter reform economy primary differ capable distinct define resist argument transform despite strengthen distinguish emotional data achievement strategy sufficient ban poverty wage wisdom assemble predict accurate adapt risk liquid thunder

Day Eight

频率为4次的单词(一) virtue female recommend equality economic economics emit bar arrange conference improvement previous sensible exchange consumption intelligence debate criticize rail reveal spray investment reinforce cope exceed confuse aware superior emphasize region pop intensity appreciate colleague transportation everyday fame familiar urban span essential

Day Nine

inhabitant weapon accumulate v.堆积,累积 eliminate v.排除,淘汰 e.g: Environmental factors can never be totally eliminated as Hayward points out,"We can't prepare a medicine against cosmic rays." remarkable remedy mislead whale cliff discard Aspect shortage mobile crime relax fleet Display mask reverse security emphasis lucky significant aircraft cease transmit gasoline conduct abandon stimulate bind pressure characterize cycle enable craft consist vital powerful navy disappear

Day ten

频率为4次的单词(三)authority shrink rid surround alike arouse excessive dispute behave electrical highly select contrast infant athlete overseas elevator apart reality commitment gaze tough expense sensitive anxiety evidence image journal immigrant delivery commit advertisement coordinate urgent talent peculiar handle handsome represent exception specific balance

Day 11

频率为3次的单词(一)indoor release increasingly reputation forbid inspire usage distress communicate appoint reaction salad internal prior generous fundamental version guy appointment definite cabinet aluminum always item code prosperity responsibility analyze interfere generate equip worldwide mission specialize employment switch observe negative invention humor inferior typical command confirm intelligent

Day 12

频率为3次的单词(二)label pigeon ancient slight domestic vacant convert forth relate disturb engine slice navigation electronic electronics parliament parlor necessarily emerge numerous genuine construct annoy character strain obtain necessity proportion loyalty lubricate insert violence naturally export tender absence classify mood crisis comprehension discipline tax influential inform original management reluctant housewife expose

Day 13

频率为3次的单词(三)entitle envy tendency commission register media county reproduce neighborhood disposal curiosity passive gap dump rarely suggestion locate interaction undoubtedly somewhat sum rack transmission external crack convenience adequate volunteer phenomenon comparison typewriter channel sophisticated conclude section stripe participate depression queue vice launch manner exhaust

Day 14

频率为3次的单词(四)undertake motivate proposal tremendous perspective aggressive academic lag application distribute contrary comprise element unlike mostly motel background visual refine responsible petroleum legal civilization pump quote outward decrease fatal cue accuse accustomed objective conservation optical delicate mechanic mechanics scholarship carpenter fluent swallow episode attraction orbit mixture screen administration abuse

Day 15

频率为3次的单词(五)omit accommodation acceptance conflict soda scheme conservative attribute leisure retire mere comment salary preserve overall ensure impose unfortunately evolution access identical joint intention fee debt advisable sequence court introduction competent federal temper percentage considerate illegal largely intellectual senior mature interval grasp output drum cautious rude

Day 16

频率为2次的单词(一)elect stir insight durable horizontal horn philosophy appropriate faulty genius downward executive surplus librarian stretch handy deliberate capture phrase alternative award incline cancer collection glimpse demonstrate skim instruct constitution manufacture drama relief agent up to date trail connection mill commander handful medium

Day 17

频率为2次的单词(二) leadership creature instrument substitute chin steady specialist adjust enforce organ grocer creep cooperate sympathetic storage depart render privilege teenager contribution feedback acquisition so-called existence explore wax mess prince generator fatigue accompany rural honey attain billion uncover locomotive trap association spite interview

Day 18

后面这些天的单词虽说上在考试中出现频率不高,但是写作中倒是挺实用的有的词~ 频率为2次的单词(三) pessimistic bark devil universe reduction psychological invade v,侵入,侵略 identity n.身份;个性;同一性 e.g. He is a well-known person with his own identity.他是一个具有自己个性的名人。 permanent screw interpretation editor guarantee classic pose delegate artificial cassette romantic annual apartment deposit fantasy mud author assure correspond outlet topic rival initiative slide extreme misunderstand evident casual routine trumpet ancestor staff

Day 19

频率为2次的单词(四)notion counter fabric occasion lump hopeless document precaution intend cash hardware tidy resolve protective quit severe extension trial expectation telescope passport exploit democracy requirement file neglect exaggerate thirst overnight plot estate liter variation copper devise principle sportsman creative former unity similarly assumption reception

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