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2017-08-14    来源:FT中文网    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

Biz Stone, founder, Twitter

推特(Twitter)创始人比兹•斯通(Biz Stone)

At 10, Biz Stone monetised his allotted household chore — mowing the lawn — by offering the service to neighbours in the Massachusetts suburbs where he lived. He contrived various moneymaking add-ons, such as charging $10 for a 30-degree slope, or offering to clear up the cut grass.


“I worked throughout school and did anything to make money,” he says. If he overheard a neighbour saying they needed a job doing, the young Mr Stone, would volunteer his services. “Fixing an air-con unit, setting up a Mac. ‘Hey, I can do it!’ As long as they said they’d pay, I would do it.”


It was through these odd jobs that he met his mentor, Steve Schneider. A job moving boxes at Mr Schneider’s office, a graphic-design company, led the young Mr Stone to join the company.

就是通过这些零活,他认识了自己的导师史蒂夫•施奈德(Steve Schneider)。当时,斯通为施奈德任职的平面设计公司搬箱子,后来年轻的斯通加入了这家公司。

“I knew so many people, it was a form of networking. It taught me to say yes to lots of things.” The money he earned was usually handed to his mother. “I was expected to work and contribute from an early age.” That, he says, taught him work was “part of life”. He adds: “I would go to school, go to work, go home.”


The 43-year-old finds today’s focus on summer internships odd. When recruiting, he values a candidate with a story about how they started a company at a young age — even if it failed.


Arkady Volozh, co-founder and CEO, Yandex

Yandex的联合创始人、首席执行官阿尔卡季•沃罗兹(Arkady Volozh)

In 2000, Mr Volozh and his late business partner, Ilya Segalovich, founded Yandex, the tech company that today operates Russia’s largest search engine. Twenty years earlier, the pair worked together for the first time in a most unusual summer job: a geological dig in Kazakhstan.

2000年,沃罗兹和他的已故商业伙伴伊利亚•塞加洛维奇(Ilya Segalovich)创立了目前俄罗斯最大的搜索引擎Yandex。20年前,两人在一次最不寻常的暑期工作——在哈萨克斯坦进行地质挖掘工作——中首次合作。

The project, led by the Ministry of Geology of the Soviet Union, saw the 16-year-olds working all day in the deserts looking for chromium, the metal used to make stainless steel. Mr Segalovich’s father, a geologist, led the expedition and arranged for the boys to work on the project in their school holidays.


Desert life was tough: “I did a lot of heavy lifting and travelled miles into the field to measure heights of the landscape,” he recalls.


The boys made a “pretty good salary” — Rbs135 a month — because their job was classed as work under severe conditions. “I didn’t make more money per month until I was 24,” Mr Volozh says.

两个年轻人“挣到了不菲的薪水”——每月135卢布——因为他们做的是艰苦环境工作。“在24岁之前,我的月收入就再也没有高过这个数,” 沃罗兹说。

But more important than the cash were the practical skills he picked up.
“I learnt how to operate heavy machinery, how to fish for my dinner and how to manage during a hot day in the field,” he says. “It was truly formative.”


Cal Henderson, co-founder, Slack

Slack的联合创始人卡尔•亨德森(Cal Henderson)

The 36-year-old programmer-turned-entrepreneur grew up in a small English village a few hours’ drive from London. It was home to a few hundred people, he says, and not much business. In fact, the only enterprises around were pubs. “We had a post office, but that closed.”

现年36岁的卡尔在创业之前曾是程序员。他在距离伦敦几个小时车程的一个英国小村庄长大。 村里只有几百人,也没有多少商家,他说。事实上,当地仅有的企业都是酒吧。 “村里曾经有过一个邮局,但是关门了。”

When he was 15, Mr Henderson decided to buy his first computer, and there was only one place the money would come from. “I started doing the washing-up at my local pub, first during the weekends, and then three or four days a week during the summer,” he says. He earned about £3 an hour.


He progressed to preparing food. “I liked doing the desserts, because it was my favourite thing to eat.” The desserts were made to order, but most of the rest was prepared beforehand, and just required him to re-heat it.


This, Mr Henderson says, taught him a lesson still relevant today. “I discovered how much work goes on behind the scenes — and most work is like that: the most important things are done behind the scenes.” Today, he runs a company valued at about $3.6bn.


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