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2016-08-11    来源:普特英语听力    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

Between 2008 and 2009, 11 bears were purchased by the Dambri Resort, based in the Lam Dong Province of Vietnam. The owners wanted to teach the captive bears to dance so that they could become circus attractions.

Bao Lam, a moon bear, was one of them.
Bao Lam是就是这群被贩卖到此的亚洲黑熊之一。

She lived alone — lacking interactions with other bears and the feel of sunlight on her skin. The only home Bao Lam knew was her small cage. She and the other bears weren't well cared for — they didn't eat proper meals and had a limited amount of veterinary care.
她形单影只———总是懒洋洋的,无意与其他的兄弟姐妹们打闹,更不会跟洒在身上的阳光玩耍。 Bao Lam被囿于一个小小的囚笼里面。基地里面的人们对熊的照顾十分让人担忧,提供的食物和兽医护理很是不足。

As a result, all the bears but Bao Lam died, leaving her truly alone for an undetermined period of time. More than likely, Bao Lam lived in a cage since she was a young cub — her mother was likely killed by poachers in front of her.
其他的熊都陆陆续续的死了,只有Bao Lam幸存了下来。 这会儿,她就真的是要孤单的去面对渺茫的未来了。其实很有可能偷猎者射杀她母亲后,就把还是幼崽的她带回来,困在笼子里了。

Earlier this week, the 12-year-old bear's life took one incredible turn — for the better.

Finally bowing to pressure from Vietnam's forestry department, the resort decided to hand over Bao Lam to Animals Asia. On Tuesday, a rescue team drove out to pick up Bao Lam and began a four-day journey to Animals Asia's Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre (VBRC), in Tam Dao National Park.
在越南林业部门的施压下,该度假村的负责人终于肯点头答应把Bao Lam返送到亚洲动物基金会处。 周二,救援小组把车开到度假村接上了Bao Lam。 期间,他们还要四天的车程才能到达位于越南Tam Dao国家森林公园的亚洲动物基金会熊类救援中心(VBRC)。

Throughout her trip so far, Bao Lam has been spoiled with treats like honey and watermelon.
在前往国家森林公园的路上,Bao Lam已经被源源不断的蜂蜜大餐,西瓜大餐“宠坏了”!

"It's indicative of the lack of bear expertise at Dambri Resort that they had always believed Bao Lam to be male," Animals Asia stated. "Animals Asia vets were soon able to identify Bao Lam as female — also noting cracked teeth, a cataract and damage to her front legs that made walking difficult."
据亚洲动物基金会称:“ Dambri度假村里面没有熊类专家,所以他们才误认为Bao Lam是雄性。”,同时他们还说道:“ 亚洲动物基金会的专家们很快就辨认出她的性别,同时我们还注意到她患有如牙隐裂、白内障、前掌受伤导致走步困难等一些健康问题。”

Bao Lam is expected to arrive at the VBRC on Friday, where she'll first be quarantined and then rehabilitated.
预计Bao Lam 会在周五到达VBRC救援中心,到场后他们会首先对其进行隔离检测,然后救援中心方对其进行重新安置。

"During that time her carers will build up her strength with rest and better diet and schedule any surgery that can be carried out immediately," Animals Asia wrote on Facebook. "What is absolutely vital to understand in this process is that this is the first time Bao Lam will be treated as an individual."
亚洲动物基金会在Facebook上写道:“在这里,Bao Lam的看护会通过如提高膳食水准、调整生息状态、提供必要护理等手段去增强Bao Lam的健康状态。”  “ 与此同时,我们需要有一个最最最清楚的认知,那便是,在这里我们有真真正正的把Bao Lam当成一个独特的个体去对待。”

After her initial quarantine period, Bao Lam will then move to an outdoor enclosure where she'll be able to interact with other moon bears like herself for the first time — though it will more than likely take her a while to get used to her new found freedom.
做完首次检测后,他们会将Bao Lam送到带有围栏的室外活动场所,在那里Bao Lam会有一个与其他亚洲熊的首次会晤,自由玩耍时间———不过很有可能她还是需要一点时间去适应这突如其来的自由氛围。

Moon bears are a vulnerable species whose threats to survival include habitat loss, bile farms, trade and live capture from the wild — only to be forced into lives as pets or used for entertainment. Animals Asia deems Bao Lam one of the "lucky ones," with thousands of bears still trapped in cages across Vietnam and China.

"Animals' lives should be worth more than their monetary value," Tuan Bendixsen, Animals Asia's Vietnam director, said in a press release. "This is Vietnam's natural heritage, these bears should not have been bought and sold on a whim. And they shouldn't have died. Bao Lam has hung on for her rescuers and we arrived just in time."
“动物的生存价值理应远远高于其货币价值”,越南亚洲动物基金的一名名叫 Tuan Bendixsen的主管这样说道。

Fortunately for Bao Lam, she has been spared from a fate that more than likely would have ended in her own death.
Bao Lam无疑是幸运的,她已免于命运对她的作弄,未来的日子她很有可能会快快乐乐的享受“熊”生,直至生命的尽头啦~!

"At our sanctuary beneath the mountains, Bao Lam will arrive and sniff the air and we're pretty sure it'll smell of home," Animals Asia continued in the Facebook post. "It is a paradise."
“我们在山脚下有一个小园林,在那边Bao Lam可以好好快活一下,嗅一嗅那边的空气——感受一下家的味道、天堂的极乐!”

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