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新视野大学英语 读写教程第三册 unit1-b

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The Romantic Life of Secret Agent Albert

Albert did not fit the description of any secret agent Charles had ever read about. Following him down the corridor of thegloomy French hotel where Albert had a room, Charles felt disappointed. It was a small room, on the sixth and top floor, andscarcely a setting for a romantic figure.

Albert was, for one thing, fat. Very fat. And then there was his accent. Though he spoke French and German fairly well, hehad never altogether lost the American accent he had brought to Paris twenty years ago.

“You are disappointed,” Albert said over his shoulder. “You were told that I was a secret agent, a spy, dealing in secrets anddanger. You wished to meet me because you are a writer, young and romantic. You imagined mysterious figures in the night,the crack of guns, clever disguises, secret exploits.”

“Instead, you have spent an exceedingly dull evening at the opera with a fat man who, instead of having messages slippedinto his hand by dark-eyed beauties, gets only an ordinary telephone call making an appointment in his room. You have beenbored!” The fat man laughed to himself as he unlocked the door of his room and stood aside to let his frustrated guest enter.

“Take cheer, my young friend,” Albert told him. “Presently you will see a paper of singular importance for which severalmen and women have risked their lives. Some day soon that paper may well affect the course of history. In that thought isdrama, is there not?” As he spoke, Albert closed the door behind him. Then he switched on the light.

And as the light came on, Charles had his first thrill of the day. For across the room, a small gun in his hand, stood a man.

“Max,” he said, “you gave me quite a start. I thought you were in Berlin. What are you doing in my room?”

Max was slender, not tall, and with a face that suggested the look of a fox. Except for the gun, he did not look verydangerous.

“The report,” he said. “The report that is being brought to you tonight concerning some new missiles. I thought I would takeit from you. It will be safer in my hands than in yours.”

Albert moved to a chair and sat down heavily. “I swear I'm going to raise the devil with the management this time; I amangry,” he said. “This is the second time in a month that somebody has gotten into my room off that damn balcony!”

Charles's eyes went to the single window of the room. It was an ordinary window; outside was utter blackness.

“Balcony?” Max asked curiously, “No, I had a key. I did not know about the balcony. It might have simplified things had Iknown about it.”

“It's not my balcony,” explained Albert angrily. “It belongs to the next apartment. You see,” he said, “this room used to bepart of a large unit, and the next room used to be the living room. It had the balcony, which extends under my window now.

You can get onto it from the empty room next door, and somebody did, last month.”

Max waved the gun with a commanding gesture. “Please sit down,” he said. “We have a wait of half an hour, I think.”

“Thirty-one minutes,” Albert said, in a bad mood. “The appointment was for twelve-thirty. I wish I knew how you learnedabout the report, Max.”

The little spy smiled an evil smile. “And from our standpoint, we wish we knew how your people got the report. Anyhow, noharm has been done. I will get it back tonight. What is that? Who is at the door?”

Charles jumped at the sudden knocking at the door. Albert just smiled, “That will be the police,” he said. “I told them tocheck on me to make sure everything was all right.”

“What will you do now, Max?” Albert asked. “If I do not answer the door, they will enter anyway. The door is unlocked. Andthey will not hesitate to shoot.”

Max's face was black with anger as he made a swift movement towards the window; with his hand behind him, he openedthe window and put his leg out into the night. “Send them away!” he warned. “I will wait on the balcony.”

The knocking at the door became louder and a voice was raised. “Mr. Albert! Mr. Albert!”

Keeping his body twisted so that his gun still pointed at the fat man and his guest, Max grasped the window frame andheaved his other leg up and over the bottom of the window.

The door began to open. Swiftly Max pushed to free himself and drop to the balcony. And then as he dropped, he screamedonce.

The door opened and a waiter stood there with an oval tray, a bottle of liquor, and two glasses. “Here is the drink youordered, sir.” He set the tray on the table, opened the bottle, and left the room.

White-faced and shaking, Charles stared after him. “But … but … what about … the police?” he finally was able to say.

“There never were any police.” Albert sighed. “Only Henry, whom I was expecting.”

“But what about the man on the balcony…?” Charles began with a shiver.

“No,” said Albert, “he won't return.”

New Words

romantic a. 1.传奇性的,有浪漫色彩的 2.不切实际的,空想的

agent n. 1.政府或其他组织的特工人员 2.代理人

corridor n. 走廊,通道

accent n. 1.口音,腔调 2.重音,强音

writer n. 作家,作者

mysterious a. 神秘的,难解的,不可思议的

crack n. 1.爆炸声,劈啪声 2.裂缝,裂纹

v. 1.(使)劈啪作响,(使)发爆裂声 2.打开,砸开

disguise n. 伪装,伪装物   vt. 1.伪装 2.掩盖,掩藏

exploit n. 英勇的行为,冒险的行为   vt. 1.利用,开发 2.剥削

exceedingly ad. 非常地,极度地

opera n. 歌剧

aside ad. 在边上,朝边上

switch v. 转变,改变    n. 1.开关,电闸 2.转变,改变

▲thrill n. 兴奋,激动,紧张感     v. (使)非常兴奋,(使)非常激动

slender a. 苗条的,纤细的

missile n. 导弹,飞弹

swear v. 1.发誓 2.诅咒,骂

devil n. 魔鬼

damn a. (表示愤怒、厌烦等)该死的,可恶的

int. (表示愤怒、厌烦等)该死,讨厌

balcony n. 阳台

utter a. 完全的,彻底的,十足的  vt. 发出(声音),说

simplify vt. 使易懂,使易做,简化

mood n. 心情,情绪

evil a. 道德败坏的,邪恶的,罪恶的

standpoint n. 立场,观点

anyhow ad. 1.不管怎样,无论如何,至少 2.粗心大意地,随随便便地

swift a. 快的,迅速的,敏捷的

twist vt. 1.弯曲或压挤 2.曲解,歪曲   n. 变化,转折,改变

grasp vt. 1.抓住 2.理解,领悟

frame n. 1.画框,边框,框架 2.构架,骨架   vt. 1.在... ...上加框 2.表达,设计,构想出

heave vt. 1.很费劲地抬起,举起,拽起 2.(用力)发出(叹息声)   n. 举起,升降

oval a. 椭圆形的   n. 椭圆

tray n. 盘,托盘,碟

liquor n. 烈性酒

sigh vi. 叹息,叹气   n. 叹息,叹息声

shiver vi. 战栗,发抖  n. 战栗,发抖

Phrases and Expressions

read about 借助阅读发现或查明

for one thing (用以列举理由)首先;一则

in the night 在夜晚,在半夜

make an appointment 预约,约会

switch on 接通(电源),开启

come on (电灯、电力机器等)开,开动,运转

raise the devil 非常生气,大声抱怨

check on 检查,核实,调查

answer the door 应声开门

point (sth.) at 瞄准,对着

stare after 目不转睛地追随(某人),以凝视的目光随着(某人)移动

Proper Names

Albert 艾伯特

Charles 查尔斯

French 法国的;法国人,法语

German 德国的;德国人,德语

Paris 巴黎 (法国首都)

Max 马克斯

Berlin 柏林 (德国首都)

Henry 亨利

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